I spent most of the weekend working on something that is ridiculously easy and yet so rewarding…making chicken stock. Friday night, I thawed a bag of frozen chicken parts and threw it into my stock pot with the few random carrots and onion I found in the house. The next morning, I grabbed a few more veggies after I dropped Lisa off at the soccer field where she helps coach the Tot’s team.


I threw all the trimmings straight into my stock pot, simmering away on the back of the stove. A mirepoix went into a fresh pot with butter and mushrooms. The meat I picked off the previous night’s stock, as well as wild rice, roux, fresh chicken stock and milk, joined the vegetables to make a very tasty chicken and wild rice soup.

Wild Rice

I ate soup and contemplated knitting on Vivian while watching Georgia Tech play UNC, but I got too caught up in the game to do any knitting.

Vivian Cardi

Today, I watched the girls play soccer, but it wasn’t our day (season). I still couldn’t tell you what the rules are, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. This was only my second game as a “soccer mom” (I can’t believe I’m a voting demographic). I’m thinking the games would be improved with more food on the sidelines. Cookies for everyone next game!

Game 2