Just over two weeks ago, the constant companion of my entire adult life moved on to her next plane of existence. While the adult in me cherishes 14 wonderful years, there is a little girl just beneath the surface who is angry and hurt that her cat couldn’t live forever. This angry little girl stayed in bed crying for two days, only caring about her own loss and blocking out the rest of the world around her. Desperate to pull her back into the world, her family discussed how to ease the pain in her heart.

The little boy who loved her remembered that when she lost her Fuzz Monster, that the girl held tight to her Mocha cat for hours and it made her feel better. The little boy went off on a mission and when he found his goal, he returned to the girl. He took his love by the hand and gently suggested they go out and get some fresh air. He drove to a place he knew and did the only thing he could think of to help her pain; he put a little kitten into her arms and let her hold him as she used to hold her Mocha cat.

Meeting Stitch

Although he was incredibly small compared to her Mocha cat, he was content to stay in her arms, occasionally pressing his cold, wet nose against her cheek and putting his warm paws to her mouth, as if to express that he understood her hurt and she didn’t need to say anything. The girl did feel better after cuddling the kitten, but she was wary of letting small fur balls back into her heart and went back to her bed.

The next day as the girl lay in bed, the little boy who loved her put the kitten back into her arms. He added a second kitten, because two kittens cause much more trouble than one and he wanted to see her smile while she watched the kittens play.



Even though both kittens were to make the little girl smile, one quickly became “her” kitten and the other turned into “his” kitten. While Leroy is without a doubt beautiful…


...and falls asleep in silly positions…

Leroy 9-10 weeks

...the little girl can’t help but see shadows of her Mocha cat when she stares into the eyes of her Stitch kitten…

Stitch 8-9 weeks

...and she can’t bring herself to move him off of her pillow when he falls asleep next to her head.